Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Attorney in Seattle, WA

Don’t let a domestic violence charge ruin your life. Call Eric to provide the domestic violence defense representation you need.

Domestic Violence

Physical abuse of a spouse, domestic partner, family member, or anyone you share a home with is a criminal act.  If you or someone you know was arrested for domestic violence, a domestic violence charge which leads prosecution is inevitable.   Schurman Law can help you navigate through the complex and confusing Washington State court system, which is exceptionally tough on domestic violence.

Eric will defend your constitutional rights and intervene in the prosecution process to minimize or eliminate additional jail time and court fees, can reduce your bail amount, and can work with the system to reduce or dismiss the charge, which can have long-lasting and expensive consequences throughout your life.

Superior Representation

At our firm, we represent both men and women in a variety of cases. If you are being accused of domestic violence, immediately stop contact with your accuser. The court system puts abuse and no-contact orders into place to provide safety for all parties involved in the domestic violence protection order and violations of these orders will only prolong and support the domestic abuse and violence accusations.
Domestic Violence Cases We Handle

• Spousal Assault
• Rape or Forced Sexual Contact
• Stalking Accusations
• Kidnapping
• Physical Abuse
• Negligent & Justifiable Homicide
• Physical Violence (Hitting,
  Shoving, Choking, & Punching)
• Crimes against Children
• Physical Attacks
• Sexual Abuse


Experience You Can Trust

Eric Schurman has studied and practiced domestic violence law and understands the legal battles each of his clients face. He is very skilled at gathering and extracting important legal information from each prosecution witness.
Washington law enforcement is aggressive when prosecuting domestic abuse charges. Our connections and communication abilities allow us to negotiate continually with the local prosecutors’ office, which often leads to arranging for reduced charges or lesser sentencing guidelines.

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