Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes Attorney in Seattle, WA

If you have been charged with a drug crime, seek legal representation and criminal defense from Eric Schurman Attorney At Law in Seattle, Washington. The penalty of a drug conviction on your public record will affect your future, so count on our expert attorney to handle your case.

Make the Right Decision for Your Case

The best decision you will make is to hire a lawyer that is highly educated on each of the drug laws in Washington. If you have been charged with a serious narcotics crime, your criminal defense attorney is the only person that can protect you from the punishment you will receive if convicted of a drug crime.

Eric Schurman has defended drug dealing or possessing clients charged with petty drug possession and serious intent to distribute, as well as large-scale drug offenders running meth labs and marijuana growth operations. Through the years, many cases have resulted in court-approved drug treatment programs, probation, and house arrest. When necessary, Mr. Schurman does handle probation violations.

Professional Advice

Mr. Schurman offers professional drug law advice and consultation. As an expert negotiator with city, state, and federal prosecutors, he has an extensive background researching drug law enforcement in Washington and he is a search and seizure expert. If you have taken part in a warrantless vehicle search, then you need to be prepared legally to not only defend yourself but to protect yourself from incarceration and long-term imprisonment.

Schurman Law provides expert representation for clients accused of possessing, smuggling, and distributing:

• Cocaine
• Methamphetamine
• Heroin
• Crack Cocaine
• Anabolic Steroids
• Pharmaceutical Drugs
• Ecstasy


Free Consultations

Our firm offers free initial consultations for each potential drug arrest client. During your initial consultation, Mr. Schurman maps out individual steps that will be needed to vigorously research and defend you from your criminal drug charges.

Call us at (206) 264-2979 in Seattle, Washington, to discuss the drug
crimes you’re being accused of and to find out how we can help your case.