DUI/Vehicular Crimes

DUI also known as DWI

DUI Attorney in Seattle, WA

Drunk driving is a serious offense. When you’ve been arrested for a vehicular or traffic crime, Eric Schurman Attorney At Law in Seattle, Washington, offers aggressive legal representation. Eric Schurman is an experienced DUI and DWI attorney who can help you.

The Penalties of Drunk Driving

When you are caught driving drunk, you face a harsh dilemma that involves the police department, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), judicial court system, and strict insurance penalties. A DWI conviction on your record is classified as a criminal conviction.

Washington DUI and DWI laws are very strict, so it is important that you understand the long-term consequences of prosecution. You not only face long-term and permanent consequences on your record, but you could face even stiffer penalties enforced by society. If you are successfully prosecuted for a DUI or DWI offense, you will lose your license to drive and experience very large fines and court costs, probation, and incarceration in county jail or state prison. The court system even has the legal right to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle at your cost.

Finding the Right Attorney

Clients who have been arrested and charged with drunk driving need to find an attorney that is willing to fight for them. Mr. Schurman is that attorney and he extensively researches the historical background of your alcohol-related violation. He makes sure that your case has been handled by city, state, and county law enforcement officials according to state law.
Don’t let a DWI conviction tarnish your reputation and all the years of self-sacrifice you have made to enhance your standing in society. Mr. Schurman’s experience in the courtroom and his knowledge of the laws will benefit you and your case. He handles felony and misdemeanor DUIs and DWIs, as well as child endangerment charges (driving drunk with children in the car). Trust your future with an attorney who is willing to research your case history and validate any pending evidence according to state law.

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